Killer Food: Avoid the Next HUMAN PANDEMIC

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This book is designed to put people on a simple holistic path to better health, to question what we
are eating and why the world is getting g sicker and sicker each year.
Have you ever wondered why degenerative diseases on the increase?
How is it that we eat so much, yet lack key nutrients we require for our survival?
The answers to these questions are complex, encompassing everything from food distribution to the
failings of industrial agriculture.
It’s a paradox of modern culture: Though more than a third of us are classified as obese, many of us
still don’t get enough essential nutrients from our modern day seemingly “nutritious” foods. We
really are overfed and nutrient starved!

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1 review for Killer Food: Avoid the Next HUMAN PANDEMIC

  1. Freedom Fighter

    Great read. Does make you think?

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