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“We found that teaming up for better health was the magic we all needed!” 

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Coach Candy M.

I wasn’t sure I could help a team lose weight but the REV 90 worked so well for me and my husband that I thought I wanted to give it a try. I simply shared with my team the things that worked for me. The team aspect and the Youngevity program and support was so great! I am thrilled to see my team succeed!! We had so many ups and downs but we learned that if you are consistent you WILL see changes! My team lost 195 lbs from Jan-June—that’s over a pound a day!!!

Tanya F.

This experience has been transformational for me. I was struggling with my weight and knew I was looking at health complications related to weight if I didn’t change. Going to visit my friend Lorna in ICU last summer and seeing how little she could do on her own really affected me. Lorna passed away not long after I left and when I saw Ro at convention after the funeral I told her this was the year I would commit to the challenge. I worked on my mental game and was ready to pick my hard and choose to become a healthier version of me. I have always just plateaued with weightloss plans and then gained when I quit or would try an exercise routine only to suffer an injury right away. Rev 90 was amazing in that it helped my team and I gain confidence in our ability to accomplish our goals! Thank you! Between the magic we’ve created with our team and the quality of the products created for us   we were destined for success. Whether we win or loose the challenge we’ve already won the best prize… our health and friendship!

Jennifer C.

Last year was a year of poor health. I gained weight, was in the hospital for high blood pressure, and was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite the recommendation of multiple doctors to have weight loss surgery, it was denied by insurance. I gave up. There was no hope. In January I began a journey that has changed my life. Three months and 52 pounds lighter, I have found hope! When I started the weight loss challenge, the thought of losing weight seemed impossible.  I really didn’t think I had the strength to do much, but I was desperate. I have three children under age 14 and I need to really live, not just be barely alive. The first few weeks were so hard! Detoxing from sugar is not for the weak. Reporting to my team each day kept me accountable and on track. I used Rev drops and got serious about using Youngevity’s supplements to improve my health. I followed the Rev 90 program exactly. The weight started coming off so fast that I thought there must be something wrong with my scale.  By the end of January, I had lost 30 pounds and was well on my way! Losing 52 pounds includes changes big and small. It’s the little things, which are big, like having normal looking feet and ankles. My ankles have been puffy, large, annoying, and embarrassing for years now.  I find myself continually amazed now when I look down at my feet! It’s being able to sit at the frozen yogurt shop with my ten-year-old son and watch him eat his frozen yogurt and not feeling deprived, but proud of my commitment. It’s a good friend saying, “Wow!  You look amazing!” It’s having my doctor who has been worried about my health telling me she won’t be putting me on diabetes medication. It means walking up a big hill without stopping or running out of breath. Losing that much weight means buying new jeans and fitting back into clothes you loved but never thought you’d wear again. The best thing about losing weight isn’t just the physical weight.  It is the mental, emotional, and psychological weight that goes with it. It hasn’t been an easy road the past few months. At the end of January, my husband lost his job of 16 years and is still looking for new employment.  I’ve had some other health complications. My work, children, and volunteer efforts demand a lot. The current pandemic has left things more uncertain. Through it all, I am learning – learning how to handle hard things without depending on food to get through. Learning how to be strong and how to move on!  I intend to continue this process. In the next 3 months, I plan to lose 50 more pounds!  I have a family trip planned at the end of June. I look forward to enjoying that time with my family looking and feeling better than I have in years. I will do this!

Joyce W.

A good coach is the very best way to lose weight forever.

Stephanie F.

I have always been really good at loosing weight; I could set my mind to it and it was done.  But I hit menopause and the weight kept coming and wouldn’t leave.  Didn’t matter what I did.  Then at Christmas 2019, when I realized that my clothes were getting tighter and tighter, I knew I had to do something.  I could feel the depression starting.  Then my sister-in-law contacted me and asked me to be on TEAM HM, which she was coaching, and she said “let’s do this for fun and see where it takes us”.  I stated the REV 90 Program on Jan 5, 2020 and it has been the best thing I have done.  I feel great and I love every single person on our team.  The support we gave to each other and got from our coach was amazing and I would not be where I am today, or lost what I have to date, without them.  Losing 22.4lbs was easy with the team we had and still are today.  We even do zoom exercises together.  This was an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing until I reach my goal weight.


“I feel like me. The me I forgot to take care of for a while.”

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I am so excited to say if am weighing in at 160!! That’s a total of 122.6 pounds gone since July 2018!! (I have to go back to see what it is for this year’s challenge – I’m so tired – lol) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I feel like me. The me I forgot to take care of for a while. Every day I’m excited about sharing how I feel and what I did to lose this baggage. Dual meaning intended. Lol I have been a fairly confident and outgoing person all my life, and even in situations where I didn’t feel so confident, I’d usually try to push past that and march on with my head high. That feeling has come back and it’s empowering. I know if I can do this. THIS 💪🏻 , than I’m capable of so much!! With the help of others – I can do EVEN MORE!


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I am very happy to receive the news that I made it to the finals! I want to thank you again for this amazing opportunity and to let you know that I’m so glad I was able to make it this far. I wanted to add that durning the process of my weight loss journey, what really helped me took place during the 5 kilometer race that was part of the 2019 Youngevity Convention. While we were running, my youngest son told me he wanted to quit and I told him that we could slow down but never stop and that as long as we kept moving forward, we would make it to the finish line. Thanks to that, he won the first place medal for his age category. What I learned that day and what has helped throughout this weight loss journey is that even when life makes it feel like you have to take it slow, you must never quit, always keep moving forward, and reach your finish line no matter what.


I have always struggled with weight loss, but Youngevity has taught me the importance of healthy living.

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I’ve lost 115 pounds and I still can’t believe it. Recently someone called me “skinny”. I have never been called skinny! I have always struggled with weight loss, but Youngevity has taught me the importance of healthy living. This healthy lifestyle has improved every aspect of my life from being more confident to having real energy. The other day I picked something up that weighed 80 pounds and it was a harsh realization of what I had been putting my body through every single day.


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I have always been “overweight”. Some classifications call me obese or extremely obese.  Well, starting this path again last October was the last time I will start again. I am 45 years old, 5’3″ and was carrying 210.4 lbs. Not a good example for my children. Not a good example of the health industry. But that was the thing. I actually FELT healthy. I didn’t, and don’t get sick. I can work out, lift hard, walk, climb, etc. I just have ALWAYS been heavy. After seeing some amazing results from others doing the YGY Keto program, I thought, ok, I will try this one. With the help of two amazing leaders, I followed the bonus program of the Keto90 Kickstart and immediately felt a difference. Changing up the supplementation and using both the Strawberry and Chocolate Keto shakes, weight began to come off very quickly. I had energy, my sleep has been amazing and the inches and physical changes are being noticed. I am now at 191.6. I don’t have an end weight in mind, just a size and physique that I am aiming for, so I will keep going and into cycle #2!


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My goal was to be healthier and feel better about myself.  I have achieved this goal but I plan to continue on this journey.  I am 5 ft, 3 inches and weighed 165 when I started this journey.  As of December 31, I weigh 139.  I didn’t think I would feel this way.  I do not feel bloated or tired anymore.  I feel more energetic.  I am going to continue this journey during the new year.  I plan to add more exercise into my daily routine.  Thank you so much Youngevity and my coaches, Rachel Moyer and Jill McGrorty!


“It’s changed my life. I feel healthier. I feel better!”

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Dave started his weight loss journey in January. Despite having a busy schedule that involved a lot of traveling, he has stuck to his plan and used the REV 90 group and his wife to keep him accountable.

“I have not fallen off my pledge to achieve better health along with all of YOU. I am down 22 lbs. and, although these results may not be expected or typical, I am certain I would not have arrived here without your encouragement and that of the Sunshine that continually shines in my life. I’m signed up for the rest of the challenge. It’s changed my life. I feel healthier. I feel better!”


“I feel very happy because I have something that is priceless, something that neither money buys nor time returns – my health.”

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When Anna began her weight loss journey she weighed 312 lbs. Before joining the challenge, she says she was a person who complained a lot about her situation and had low self-esteem. Today, she’s learned to live her life with a positive attitude and see the blessings that God gives her every day.

“Today I am a completely transformed person! I feel very happy because I have something that is priceless, something that neither money buys nor time returns – my health. I have learned to fall in love with the process of achieving my goal. I know I still have a way to go, but I know I’ll do it because I have grown spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.”

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